Choosing an Unconventional Wedding Gown

Whereas some little girls grow up dreaming of the fairytale princess wedding, when it comes to their big day plenty of women find they prefer a rather more unconventional wedding gown. They might want to choose a bridal dress which they feel reflects their individuality and personality, or perhaps the couple just want to do something that little bit different to the norm.

Whatever the reasons behind the unconventionality, here are a few ideas to help you on your way.

Chopped Brides Dresses

If you want to stick with traditional but add a twist there are some fabulous wedding dresses which are perfectly "normal" on the top, but rather than a full length skirt they are chopped off somewhere around the knees. This is actually getting to be a rather popular option, particularly for those brides who have great legs and want to show them off on their big day. Why have a long flowing dress and train if you've got a great pair of legs to show off?
On the flip side, the more popular the style gets the less unconventional it will become so it's over to you. Take a look at:

Colored Wedding Gowns

So who says that a bride has to wear white? Although there are other options bordering on the cream, the ivory and the champagne theme there are also some fabulous wedding gowns which are bright colors like red. Red gowns are actually more traditionally than you might think in many countries around the world because they are said to symbolize good luck. Whether you choose a red dress for your wedding day because of your belief in these magical powers or you just like red and it suits your personality . . . go for it.

There are plenty of other fabulous colors available too, or why not have one made in your favorite shade of blue, green, yellow or whatever else takes your fancy for your big day - it is after all your big day.

Girly, Gothic Gowns

A traditional white wedding dress with a few black details can really give it a twist towards the unconventional. Don't worry, it won't make you look like the Princess of Darkness or Bride of Frankenstein, it can actually be a very feminine choice. A white dress with black or grey details, particularly around the bodice (the more extravagant the better) gives a nice twist on the traditional type of style and fits in perfectly with a wedding day and ceremony which is otherwise quite traditional. Black elbow length gloves can really help to set off this look too.

Bridesmaids Dresses

Don't have all of your bridesmaids, flower girls and maids of honor in the same dress. Let them choose their own styles, silhouettes and colors if you feel brave enough. Who said they all have to look the same? Realistically speaking not all bridesmaids are the same shape so they don't necessarily suit the same style of dress.
If you want to have a little bit more control over it you could choose the style of the dress but let each bridesmaid choose from a set of color swatches. Rather than looking disorganized and uncoordinated the result can be actually rather beautiful, particularly if all of the colors available are in the same vein with pale yellow, sea foam green and delicate pale blues or pale pinks ranging to deepest fuchsia.

Disney Style Dresses

If you want to look like your favorite Disney Princess then that's okay too. This is however becoming increasingly popular (particularly "The Frozen" theme) so that it may be regarded as normal pretty soon.
Remember that your big day is your big day - for you and your partner. Wear whatever you want to wear, whatever makes you look and feel beautiful and you'll cherish the memories and the photographs forever.

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