Get The Wedding Dress Of Your Dreams

How To Get The Wedding Dress Of Your Dreams And Fulfil Your Hearts Desire

All little girls dream of how they'll look on their wedding day, marrying the man of their dreams and fulfilling their hearts desire. But how do you know that the dress you choose will do just that? There are so many wedding dresses to pick from that it can be a seemingly impossible task.

Here are a few tips about you can get the dress which fulfills your heart's desire . . . and at a price you can afford.

1 - Have some sort of ideas before you actually go bridal gown shopping. You've probably been doing this for years but fashions do change and you might want to update your ideas a little from when you were eight years old and dreamed of looking like a Princess. Scour the internet, magazines and anywhere else you can think of to get some idea about the type of gown you want, it will cut things down considerably in the bridal store.

2 - Give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect bridal gown . . . but not too long. You should ideally start around eight to twelve months before the big day which will give plenty of time for alterations to be made etc.  On the flip side if you get your dress sorted out too soon before your wedding day you could spend a lot of time second guessing yourself and . . . dare we say it, changing your mind.

3 - If you plan on having your dress custom made then you will need to allow at least eight months. It is not possible to make a beautiful gown in a short amount of time unless you are willing to pay extra for the rush. If this is the case then you'd better have a pretty large budget.
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4 - The best time to buy a wedding dress is generally between Thanksgiving and New Years which makes it perfect for a wedding the following Spring. There are generally lots of engagements around this time so the stores get stocked up in order to be ready for the rush. If you get in just before they do not only will you have lots to choose from but also might have the opportunity to try one some older stock at reduced prices. You never know, your perfect wedding dress could be waiting there for you.

5 - For most brides the budget plays a very important part in their wedding gown selection. It's boring I know but that's life, even on the most important day of your life. You must have a clear idea of your budget and say it out . . . loud and clear for all to hear . . . and don't forget to factor in some money for alterations which can add another few hundred dollars to the total.

6 - Take along a trusted person to have a second opinion, but don't be bullied into having too many other opinions which you don't really care for. You should maybe take along your Mom, your sister, your best friend, your Mom in law to be or whoever you trust the most, just so long as they understand that the final decision is yours.

7 - Don't forget to take the correct accompaniments along when you have a fitting. This will include the size of heels you plan to wear to walk down the aisle, a strapless bra, shape-wear or whatever else will be hiding beneath your wedding gown.

8 - Don't forget to take your wedding venue into account when you choose the style of your dress. If you are planning a beach wedding you probably don't want to drag a ten foot train along the sand but would find something perhaps a little shorter or lighter more suitable for the occasion.

9 - Vintage and second hand dresses are becoming increasingly popular these days and are a great way to find something truly different at an affordable price. Wedding dresses are only worn once after all and nobody need ever know the difference. Some vintage dresses are absolutely gorgeous.

10 - Relax, smile and enjoy your day safe in the knowledge that you look absolutely beautiful and are fulfilling the hearts' desires or man.
These are just a few tips to make sure that you get the dress of your dreams for one of the most important days of your life.

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